Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Seeking Accountability?

I have been wanting to complete a 5k for some time now, so the day after Christmas I decided to just go for it & signed up! I was working out regularly and, although I have never considered myself a runner, I knew I was going to be in good enough shape to run most of the course, if not the entire thing!

Yeeeah... well then I had a pretty significant abdominal operation. That was 4 weeks ago & I am just about fully recovered. It really set me back, though, both in the reversal of my fibromyalgia & in training for my 5k. Sunday I decided to jump back into training for my race & Monday the dermatologist removed a mole from the bottom of my heel for testing. So now it really hurts to walk, let alone run! It made me laugh as I got into my car at the doctor's office.

Anywho... I know that even when I have the motivation, I am most likely to keep up with a plan if I have an accountabilibuddy (accountability partner sounds dull & strict - accountabilibuddy is much more friendly)!

Knowing that, I have decided to post my Fit 'n' Healthy goals here each Monday & follow up with the progress I make each week (yes, today is Tuesday. I totally fell asleep working on the post last night! My husband had to rescue the computer before it slid off the couch)!

My goals for this week include:
  • drinking at least 4 refills of my waterbottle
  • taking the puppy on 4-5 good walks per day (good walk = at least 3 laps)
  • 1 mile on the treadmill every day
So will y'all be my accountabilibuddies? Is there anyone out there that would also like to be kept accountable to their Fit 'n' Healthy goals this week? If so, share in the comments or drop me an email (somethingsewbeautiful@gmail.com) - I'd love to encourage you!

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  1. Hopefully you will achieve your goal and thanks for your lovely comment!